What Can You Do With Aadhar Card?…

In our country ,so many people has own aadhar-cards. our government has one hundred million of digital identity at Ravi Kant. he said that ,seven lack people was applying for new aadhar card per day.

Aadhar card contain 12 numbers and it is an identity number.It is very important to every one to their life. It is useful for banking and mobile phone connection.

What Can You Do With Aadhar Card?...


  1. If you have aadhar card ,you can receive your pass port in 10 days
  2. you can open your new bank account easily.
  3. You can invest your money in star market.
  4. you can receive your pinch without any disturbance.
  5. you can transfer your provident money easily.
  6.  you can also use your aadhar card at digital locker systems.
  7. if you have aadhar card,you can receive your LPG subsidy to your account.
  8. aadhar card will attach to your outer card.

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