carrot is very useful for face pack

if ladies has beautiful face, people will say she is beautiful.
for that, they will try different types of face packs.

carrot face pack
But doctors said that ,face pack will also done by home made things.
for that we have do one thing….. beautition siad that ,
if we want to see golden skin tone we must take care of our eyes by using carrots.
because carrot had lot of vitamin A. it helps to your eyes.
-first of all take a carrot and make it into powder.
-mix a tea spoon of sugra with it and boil with water for some time.
-after cooling that mix some milk and apply for face and body.
-then clean that by cool water after 30 min. by this process ,
-face will get smooth ness and glamoures. take care of things which will you use.
becasue so much of people suffering from skin diseases.

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