How To Connect A Laptop To Your Tv?

You can connect your laptop to your TV by a HDMI cable. HERE TIPS ,

How To Connect A Laptop To Your Tv?

1. your TV and laptop must have HDMI ports.

2.HDMI cables are available from 1 meter to 5 meters in market.

3.First on the TV and laptop to connect them.

4.And connect HDMI cable to your laptop and TV.

5.Now press the AV button in TV remote then you will see the laptop  screen in the TV screen.

6.for some reasons it does not connect automatically ,at that time go to control panel> display> adjust resolutions. from here you will see two drop down boxes. The first thing you will need to do is toggle the display drop down to ensure that your TV is selected.

7.Next you need to ensure that the resolution drop down box matches the setting that are correct for your TV.

8. Then you can see high-definition quality in TV.

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