Do You The Draw Backs Of TV When You Off It By Remote?

By using the remote we can change the channels easily from English and Hindi and Telugu and news channels, sports and finally fashion channels. But most of the people were off their TV’s  by the remote. Now we are showing draw backs about TV  when you off your TV by remote.

Do You The Draw Backs Of TV When You Off It By Remote?

  • If you didn’t off the main switch of TV  the power will pass through it. At that time power will consume in more amount. For that you will get more current bills.
  • If you use TV remote for more time, you will decrease your work time. So at that time you may get laziness.
  • At that time you will get more angry.
  • You will never put concentration on any work.
  • You will loss your hearing energy.
  • You will think about any other matter for long time.
  • you will never give more preference to your family members.

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