How To Find Secret Cameras In Ladies Rooms

Now a days, we are seeing videos captured by the secret  cameras in you tube. CC cameras and micro phones are using in the anti social activities against for the law.

By this traps, so many ladies get suicide in  the society. This site very important for ladies. Be alert in the dress changing room at shopping malls.

hidden secret ladies camera

Be aware of this things:

1.First you want to check the surrounding of the room. Because the cameras will arrange in the flower plants and small mirrors.

2. CC cameras and micro phones is also can arrange in sealings and lights. so check that sealing.

3.Check the wire connections in the room. If you catch the wire arrangement in the room ,see that  which is connected to that wire.

4.If the room has CC cameras or micro phones, it will make a basal sound. So listen carefully. If you will listen any sounds, complaint to  shopping mall owners.

5.Carry  a new detector, it will find the camera signals in the surrounding areas. That detector newly came into market.

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