How To Give Reply To Message While You Are Driving?

How To Give Reply To Message While You Are Driving ?

If you are driving any vehicle , don’t text with any one. It is very dangerous . But most of the people were not caring on this matter. If you will text with any other person while driving, you will automatically divert your mind. At that time accidents will occur.

How To Give Reply To Message While You Are Driving

Some times they will leave their breath. So don’t text with other persons , when you are in driving seat.

Some times you have to send text to other person. At that time select hand free messaging option to send text, so you will free from risk. Now we are showing, how to tackle voice message in your android or ios smart phones.

  1. For android users, internet website released ‘Google Now’  tool. This website  ‘hands free’ will work on the base of voice command.
  2. Say ‘OK, GOOGLE’ to your android phone when it is in the internet activation. At that google now will receive your voice.
  3. If you want to see the last message in your phone, give voice message as  OK, google” and show my last messages on phone.
  4. Now your phone will show last 5 messages. so your phone will say that message and also it will ask you to give reply.
  5. In google now, apple iPhone also giving the personal voice assistant future named as ‘siri’.
  6. By this hand free, apple iPhone users also will give reply to messages. For that, they want to unable their futures.
  7. Now unable your siri application and say ‘Hey, siri Read my text messages’ to your microphone. Now siri will read that message.
  8. And it will ask you to give reply to message.Now say YES or NO to your phone. It will receive your voice command and prepare your answer.

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