Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Headache

headache is a normal thing. it has so many reasons, less sleeping time, so much of stress, food poison and so many others are most reasons for headache. sleeping is most important thing. if you don’t have sufficient time of sleep ,it will lead to so many problems. And stress will also one type of problem to headache.home remedies to get rid of headache

we are showing  tips to remove your headache at your house only. the following Ayurveda tips will help to remove your headache.

  1. mix the grinned sontti in the milk.and drop  two or three drops in your nose.
  2. grind the thangedu leaf and place on the forehead.
  3. take a tea-spoon of munagaaku juice and mix pepper power to it. then apply it on the head.
  4. Drop the coffee decation in to the nose.

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