If You Are Struggling From The Pimples?

At the age of 18 years ,so many ladies suffering from pimples. it will make your face damage and look like duty. for those people we are showing tips to remove pimples.

If You Are Struggling From The Pimples?

1.If you take more oil food the pimples will come generally on the face.so reduce oil food .

2.The pimples will come by bacteria ,so clean your face with soap for five times daily.

3.Don’t press pimples because the bacteria in the pimple will placed on the another place on the face.

4.Reduce the eating on non-veg like chicken and oil curries.

5.By drinking water will also helps to reduce pimples.

6.You have pimple right.so don’t apply any type of creams because it will lead to infect the face.

7.Apply the tomato juice on the pimples ,it will help to reduce pimples.

8.Mix the neem leaf and lemon juice and apply to your face neatly, it will increase glow on your face and decrease pimples.

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