How To Improve Skin Tone?

Every lady want to improve their skin tone. but  some pollution and sun effects make their skin dry. At that time ,some white marks and dryness will appear on the skin. If you want to take from these type of problems , apply this tips.

How To Improve Skin Tone

food cares to improve skin glow:

1.Banana ,apple and geuva fruits will increase whiteness on your face.

2.Make a daily habit of drinking water.

3.Take a lemon water daily because it has vitamin c ,it will take of your skin.

4.Honey will helps you to make fresh skin on your face.

5.Eat bhadam seeds daily, it will also helps to skin.

6. Eat one egg daily ,it will make your face glow and it also helps to health .

7.Massage your body with coconut oil.

8.Drink all fruit juice ,it will help to increase glow on your face.

9.Apply aloe Vera to your face it will give better glow.

10.Apply egg’s white slag to your face.

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