Key Board Shortcut Keys For Face Book.

If you are using Facebook in your computer? so you can use this key board shortcut keys. Now a days Facebook is the main website in the social websites. shortcut keys is very useful for face book users in the computer.

Key Board Shortcut Keys For Face Book

  1. alt+/  (for search box)
  2. alt+m  (to send new messages)
  3. alt+1  : to go home page
  4. alt+2 :  profile page
  5. alt+3 :  to confirm the new friend request
  6. alt+4 :  message page
  7. alt+5 :  to see notifications
  8. alt+6 :  account setting
  9. alt+7 :  privacy settings
  10. alt+8 :  fan setting
  11. alt+9:   to know the TERMS AND CONDITION of account.


>Internet Explorer for PC : alt+# then enter

>Firefox for PC: shift+alt+#

>Firefox for mac: ctrl+opt+#

>Chrome for PC: ctrl +#

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