Do You Know The Real Cost Of Olympic Medals?

207 countries, 11544 sport mans, and 306 games will fight for the Olympic medals in  presence of RIYO in the brazil. This Olympic games will conduct for 17 days. I think you have so much of anthusiyaism to know the cost of medals. RIYO 2016 Olympic games status were providing for you.

Do You Know The Real Cost Of Olympic Medals?

Silver, Gold and Copper and other 2488 medals are arranged in the RIYO 2016 Olympics.

  • Each medal consists of 85 mille meters of length and 500 grams weight.

Cost of Gold medal:

The cost of gold medal is 38000 rupees. It will prepared by 6 grams of gold  and 494 grams of silver.

Cost of Silver medal:

The cost of silver medal is 20500/- rupees and it is made of silver completely.

Cost of Copper medal:

Cost of copper medal is 200/- and it is made of 475 grams of copper and 25 grams of zinc.


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