Make A Habit Of Walking At Least For 1 K.M Once in a Week. Do You Know Why ?

Damn… In Nowadays… In The Name Of Modern Style….walking With  Slippers in  In The Bedroom Also In These days. we wear slippers your legs from morning to until we go to bed ….We wore slippers or sandals.. or sport shoes and Formal shoes based on occasion or situation. Based on situation and time we wear so many type of footwear and  no rest for our legs… But In upcoming days please try to walk for distance of 1 K.M without footwear or slippers in a week… if you have questions like  why?what?how?

Make A Habit Of Walking  At Least For 1 K.M Once in a Week. Do You Know Why ?


Here The Answer For Your Question :

  • Our body physic and structure will be nice and looks good
  • Blood circulation in our body will be good
  • Pressure on our stomach….digestion will be good
  • By walking without slippers or footwear..By itching or touching of small stones and sand our B.P will be in control
  • when our legs get new touch due to that new touch our mind will get relax
  • we can increase our patience
  • Human legs having 72000 nerve edges. I f we use footwear smooth nerves will get depressed. If we walk without footwear our nerves will be active.

So from  on wards.. So make a habit of walk without footwear in parks, beaches,office and at home. Be happy and healthy life.

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