How To Operate The Damaged Phone By Using The Computer?

If your phone was broken suddenly?  Now a days smart phone displays was damaged . it is the normal thing for every one. If your phone display was damaged ,touch pad will not work for ever. At that time connect your phone to your computer  to operate .HERE we are showing the process.

How To Operate The Damaged Phone By Using The Computer


1. Connect the USB OTG cable to your phone and operate.  USB OTG specification can connect to any phone easily.

2.Every phone has mini USB slot. By this slot you can connect to USB containing mouse.By this process you can unlock your phone.

3.If you phone has damaged completely , you can recover your data from your phone by using VNC  program. this program will get in market daily. By using this program you can move your data into your computer and operate.

4. for this process you want to download the program in both phone and computer. And install this program. In this ,some paid programs will also appear .it will contain some futures which is very useful to you.

5. If you will not recover your data after this process, go to service shop and recover your data .

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