How To Decrease Your Mobile network Data?…

Phone providing the networks based on different type of data speeds and different types of data plans . Communication usage was increasing day-to-day , so that so many people using mobile networks. For that we are showing different types  ways to reduce your data cost.

How To Decrease Your Mobile network Data?...

1.By using wi-fi networks you can decrease the internet data expenditure. If you compare the data connection with wi-fi connection, wi-fi is better than the data connection. But if you  want to stay in the browse , you must want data connection.

2. You can reduce your mobile data bills by activating the offered plans.

3. Select the internet plans based on the usage of your data.

4.Search the data plans in the market daily. And select the best offer in the data plans.

5. monitor your data usage. so will have a clarity n your data pack.

6.Prepaid plans is more better than the postpaid plans. Because you will get clarity on the data plans.

7. By using family plans you can save the data. If you want to use family plan ,your family members must have the same networks.

8. Bundle plans will give good saving in data plans  more than the normal plans.

9. free messenger app will play the main role in the saving of data. So use that apps.

10.If you are putting the you tube videos in offline, more data will used. so that keep far from the offline videos.

11. Decrease your online magic striking , you can save your data.

12.By decreasing the video chatting you can reduce the data usage.

13.Don’t play online video games, because it will charge more data .

14.Uninstall the apps which will require more data. By this process you can save more data in your mobile. To see this apps go to setting and check the data usage. it will all the apps.

15.Turn OFF the 3G and 4G networks when it is unnecessary. If you want to do this go for setting>wireless& networks>more>mobilenetworks>data connection.

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