if your phone data was deleting when you runout the fatory reset ?

most of the people delete their phone data by factory reset ,when they are going to sell their old smart phone.
the phone data will not delete completely when you do factory reset.
In case, you do factory reset,there is a chance to recover the data from your phone
in that time ,you want to know how to delete data completely.

factory reset to a mobile

1.encrypt the phone before the factory reset
2.if you want to encrypt the phone ,first go to settings and then security after that encrypt.
3.the phone data will disturb when you do factory reset without doing encrypt.
4.now ,no one can recover your data .if they try to open the data ,password will required.
5.fill the data in junk information after doing the encrypt.
6.by this process, the sensitive phone data will deleted.
7.don’t login into any other account after doing factory reset.

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