How To Protect Your Self From The Radiation?

One app is realised in the market to detect the radiation in the location for smart phones. Name of the app is Magna radiation protection. It is free, from google play store. By using this app you can find the incoming or outing radiation status.

If the radiation signals is high in range, this app  will alert you. At that time ON the loud speaker and talk will others in your phone. You can escape from the radiation by following this tricks.

How To Protect Your Self From The Radiation

1.If your phone have a low range of network signals, don’t use your phone to talk with other’s.

2. Don’t talk with other’s in your phone for longer time.If you use head set  to your phone you can free from radiation to your brain. It will keep your head far from the phone aantina. Bluetooth will also helps you.

3.Don’t keep your phone beside of you. It will protect you from field electricity power.

4. Use text messaging, if you want to talk with others. At that time your phone will far from the radiation.

5.If you keep your phone in the pocket ,radiation will affect you more. (said by the scientists).

6.Keep your phone far from your children. It will also affect the lungs to the ladies. If you want to go out side ,keep you phone in a plaything cover.It will reduce the radiation.

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