Reasons For Getting Your Android Phone Slow

If your phone is getting slow for day-to-day? This problem is not for only you, so many people suffering from this who are using android phone. If you use this tricks your phone will run very faster more that your old speed. HERE IS THE TRICKS:

Reasons For Getting Your Android Phone Slow


1. The main thing is, your applications and operating systems are main reasons for  your phone to get slow. In  android play store, the TRENT PROFILE will show the loading time of cpu. And also it will help to find the problem in you phone.

2. By using the computer systems , different type of applications will arrange in your phone. Because of this apps , your phone will get slow. So check your apps which are installed in your phone, and uninstall the apps which you will not use future.

3. In google play store, Advanced task manager will help you to check your apps in phone. If your phone process will getting slow, click on this app. It will show the apps which are running in the background. If that apps will not useful for you ,you can close that apps.

4. Multitasking will increase the pressure on the ram. So check the usage of your ram daily. All installed apps will run on the ram. If your ram will use this apps at a same time, your phone will get very slow.

5. Google play store has so many types of apps to decrease the usage of ram in your phone. Clean master is one important app in that. It will clean all the apps and remove the waste age and also delete the data in your history.

6 .So many apps on the screen are also reasons for phone getting slow, so disable the apps on-screen.

7. By disabling the animations and other special effects , you can increase your phone speed.

8. Restart your phone, this is also one type of process to increase ram speed

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