How To Save Money At Shopping

Now a days so many people scared to go for shopping, because  their purse will become empty. At that time they will think different types of methods to save money. If you take care, you can save money. Tips for save money .LOOK HERE


1.First compare the product rate with another  company.Because you will get correct rate of the product.

2. Don’t forget to know the deals of the think Because  company will provide cash backs. Some time they will not       say that offers. so be careful.

3.If you are using credit cards, know the offers and   discounts on your cards. And also, don’t forget the points        and coupons of your card.

4.If you use online payment by using apps like paytm,  mobikwik  and oxigen, you can get more discount.

5.Share the product by your mobiles, you will get more   information about the discount of that product.

6.most of the companies give more offers on week-end . Buy  the product at that time .

7.Just add your cart, don’t buy cart because it may have special deals. By this process you can save more money.

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