Simple Tips To Repair Your Phone

Many of eager don’t have satisfaction ,when they buy a new mobile. Because some scratches on the screen will occur when the phone will fall down. Tricks to repair your phone simply.

Simple Tips To Repair Your Phone

1.Don’t carry your phones in pant pockets and shirt pockets. carry your phones in a belt cases or in the purses.

2.I f you bring your phone into bathrooms it will occur to danger. so don’t bring your phone into  bathrooms.

3.Don’t put your phone at unknown places. And mainly don’t give your phones to suspected persons.

4.Put a screen protector to your phone, it will protect from scratches on the screen.

5.Protective case is very useful to your phone.It will protect your phone as a shield. If your will suddenly fall down , protective case will reduce the damage tom your phone.

6.Clean the headphone portal with a cotton bed. it will also  protect the phone from dust.

7.How to clean water from your phone it is fall in the water?… At that time don’t press any key for long time. If you entry any key on the screen ,water will entre into the mother board. When you separate the phone and its battery ,it will decrease the short-circuit in the phone. Remove your sim card and memory card from the slots. Take a dry towel and clean the water present inside the phone. And keep you’re phone in the rice bag for some time. it will suck the remaining water in the phone.  Now insert the battery into the phone and switch the phone.It will work definitely.

8.Fevikwik is very useful for broken keypad. It will attach the keypad tightly.

9.Use fine quality sand paper to remove scratches on the screen.

10.If you use baking soda on the screen , automatically the scratches will disappear with in seconds.In this process two types are there. First take one baking soda and mix it with water. Paste the mixture on the microfiber cloth and apply on the scratches in a clockwise.

11.If you apply the tooth paste on the cracks, it will close the cracks on the phone.If you want to do this process you want to close the phone port and buttons with seal.Now apply the tooth paste on the screen and rub with soft cloth carefully.After clean that paste with wet cloth .

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