How To Stop Children Crying In A Minute?

Small children will always cry. If they are hungry, they will start to cry. At that time parents don’t know what to do. So parents will try to stop the children cry. But most of the children can’t stop crying, so follow this tips to stop their cry in one minute. Yes this is true. By this tips you will solve the children health problems.

How To Stop Children Crying In A Minute?

There are some specific areas of the body that safeguards the pressure for a while, due to the gentle massage can be treated with a variety of the health problems is heard. Yes that is true, we are calling that type of process as reflexology, and acupressure. By this process we can solve the children health problems.


The final part of the thumb finger to massage the toes a bit smoother. By this process you can rectify the head and teeth problems. At the time of teeth grow , do this process, it is very better process to children.


If your children was suffering from the sinus, massage for some time at the final thumb of leg. So your children will free from the problem.


Do massage and apply pressure at the middle of foot. By this process you can decrease clod fever and coughing of children. Some children will get pain at the chest and stomach. That is called as solar playxes. To decrease this problem , massage for some time at foot part.


Massage on leg which place is at  arc shape. By this type of massage you will solve the digestion problem for children.

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