Tips To Remove BlackHead And How To Get Glowing Face Is HERE

This is one of te best common cleaning natural techniques for ever and it is simply super.
Any one can use this to clean your face neatly without any damage or pain at all.
All you need is

blackhead removal simple tips

a)A lemon cut in two pieces
b)Warm water
c)Face cloth
d)Table salt


First take a warm cloth and clean your face completlly.
It will open pores on your face. Open pores provide a better cleaning than the normal cleaning.

step2:Squeeze lemon

Take one half of the lemon and remove juice from it.

step3:mixing of salt

mix one tablespoon of salt with lemon and juice and take another half of the lemon and squeeze on it.

step4:Appling mixture

Apply the mixture on your face, especially on the affected area.

step5:Remove the scrub

when the mixture get dry, clean your face with warm cloth.

Use this , you will never have to buy a another creams. And also you will get sparkling face and fresh look.

use this process after a time of 2 weeks.

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