How To Use Function Keys From F1 To F12?…..

You know the function keys in your keyboard. It consists from f1 to f12. But how  it will useful for us. How you use this keys as the short cuts. Which files we can open by using this keys.

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  1. If you click on the f1 , you can open the windows help centre directly.
  2. .If you want to give rename for any file ,click on the f2. If you click on alt+ctrl+f2, you can go to ms word document. You can take a print of ms word document by using this key ctrl+f2.
  3. If you want to search any thing click on f3, you change the case in ms word up and down by using shift+f3.
  4. click on alt+f4 to close the task bar, you can also clear the program one by one by using ctlr+f4.
  5. Click on the f5 key to show the time and date when you are in note pad. you can use f5 to research the in browse. f5 will also help to slide show. To refresh in ms word use the f5 key.
  6.  You can go for address bar directly by f6 key. click on ctrl+shift+f6 to open another ms soft document. For laptops, it is useful to increase or decrease the volume.
  7. Use f7 key to check the spelling mistakes in ms word.You can highlight a word in ms word by this key.
  8. I fyou want to keep your windows safe, use this key.
  9. F9 is very useful for refresh the word document.For laptops it will help for brightness.
  10. Shift+f10 is use for right-click.
  11. If you want to go for full screen click on f11. And again it will use to go for normal screen.

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