Use This Trick To Charge Your Phone In A Minute

You want to go out side urgently, but your phone charge is getting down.

What will you do now?……. If you have any tricks to get full charge of your phone?.. but we have a way to charge you r phone in a minute.


If you want to charge your phone fastly, ON the airplane mode in you phone. Now your phone will automatically  OFF the voice calling and internet features.

Some times your phone will take lot of time more than the normal time  to charge. Most of people doesn’t know the reasons for that. Now we are going to know about tricks to charge you r phone in a minute.

Put your charger pin in the out let of the phone directly. While your phone is getting charge ,off the running apps. Mainly off the the apps like bluetooth , GPS. Turn off your phone screen. Put your phone is in vibration mode, put it in  general mode. Don’t listen musics, when phone is getting charge.

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