If Wi-fi Is Getting Slow In Your Home?….

Now a days, everyone has internet  connection in their homes. Most of the people arrange the WI-FI  connection in their homes. It will help to use more devices in same time. If you don’t know information about the WI-FI , don’t give WI-FI  connection in your home. Follow this instructions to increase the WI-FI speed.

If Wifi Is Getting Slow In Your Home?....

  1. If you arrange your WI-FI router at middle of your home, you will receive full signal.
  2. If you arrange the router near to TV , you can’t receive full signal (said by scientists)
  3. Using of latest WI-FI connections will help to increase the speed.
  4. Use WI-FI analyse to check the WI-FI connection correctly.
  5. place the WI-FI router at the top of the table because you will get full signals.
  6. Don’t keep electronic devices near to WI-FI router. Because it will the result on the signals.
  7. Secure your WI-FI password carefully. Because if any one will use your WI-FI with out your permission.
  8. choice the best WI-FI connection , you need good connection to run WI-FI.
  9. Set the manage WI-FI connection to know the weak signals.
  10. Update your WI-FI adopter to increase WI-FI speed.


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