Window Button Has So Many Short cuts

Computer has so many types of keys. By using this keys we can do our work faster. But so many people don’t the main shirt cut keys in the computer. We are showing the different types  shortcut keys by using window key. Put a smart look HERE.

Window Button Has So Many Short cuts

1.Windows+E, this is use to find any file in system. By this key you won’t minimize the programme.

2.Windows+M, by this key you can go for desktop directly. And also it will minimize the all programmes.

3.Windows+,  you can go for control panel.

4.Windows+Pause,  will also help for control panel. But it will never disturb the present programmes.

5.Windows+f1, opens the help line centre.

6.Alt+tab, will help to search for the programme, which you want.

7.Windows+R, it is use to go for run programme directly.

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