Top 13 Health Benifits Of Aloevera

The aloe vera plant is a miracle plant because it has numerous curative and healing benefits.Aloe vera leaves are filled with a gel containing vitamins like A,B1,B2,B3,B6,B12,C and E and folic acid.
minerals like copper, iron, sodium, calcium, zinc, potassium, chromium found in aloe vera juice.
Health experts regards aloe vera as nature’s most impressive and versatile herb. This herb is safe to use externally and internally.
-Aole vera is full of antioxidants, which helps to recover of skin disease in body.
-skin disease are unstable compounds that are bad for health .
– drinking of aloe vera juice helps for regular supply of antioxidants and boost the immune system.
-It is useful for smooth the skin , hydrates, nourishes and improve the skin tissue.
– By applying this aloe vera ,you can free from moisturizer, glowing and flawless skin.
aloe vera can also used for treat sunburned skin, insect bites allergies and minor burns.
3.Regulates weight and Energy levels
aloe vera juice aids for cleaning of digestive system and it has many food substance which can cause fatigue.
If you use regularly ,aloe vera juice will help to increase your energy level and health body weight.
4.Cures gum disease
aloe vera is help for your mouth and gums due to its natural antibacterial and also promotes cell growth and healing of bleeding gums and moth ulcers.
-if you are suffering from gum disease ,just message your gums with fresh aloe vera gel and sprinkle some aloe vera powder on your toothbrush before brushing ,your mouth will feel much better.
5.Ends constipations
-Aloe vera juice has natural fiber that improves bowel movements.
-When constipated, drink 30ml of aloe vera juice daily.remamber that after taking aloe vera, it will take 10 hours to get good result.
6.Halts inflammation
-Aloe vera can be used externally to ease inflammation of joints and reduce chest pains.
-Aloe vera is also considered as excellent home remedy for mild to moderate ulcerative colitis.
7.Treats Acne
-Aloe vera gel is used in a number of different skin care products to treat wide variety of skin problems including acne.
-Acne is a very common problem in which the more oil will produce on face
-The oil combines with dead skin and dirt and bacteria to block the skin pores.
-The anti-inflammatory properties present in aloe vera helps to reduce pimples when gel is applied on the skin twice daily.
8.Make hair smooth and shiny
-Aloe vera has both emollient and moisturizer properties that helps make your hair smooth and shiny.
-It even prevents breakage, reduces scalp itching and treats dandruff.
1.cut the aloe vera leaves an extract the gel with a spoon.
2.add the juice of half lemon and blend the ingredients i a blender.
3.apply this mask on damp hair using your fingers .
4.wrap your hair in a warm towel for 15-20 min.
5.finnaly wash hair with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo.
9.Foot care
-Available in foot soaks, lotions and creams, aloe vera smooths itching and burning, softens cones.
10.Burn and wound healer
-The bulk of the aloe vera leaf gel is 96% water.
-when you apply the aloe vera for wound it will make cool pain and eases swelling ans fights bacteria.
11.Benifits of aloe vera
-Aloe vera produce two substance used for medicine. and gel obtained from the cell in the centre of leaf.The latex is obtained from the cell.
12.Stabilizes blood sugar level
-Aloe vera juice can reduce blood sugar level in two types of diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar level and reduce triglycerides.
drink aloe vera juice for three months to see significant drop in fasting blood sugar levels
-Aloe vera is also supplements can help treat to peripheral neuropathy(hands and feet going numb) associated with diabetes.
13.Lower high cholesterol
-some studies suggest that aloe vera gel can be lower high cholesterol levels. when taken internally,the gel improves quality of blood and also lower high cholesterol.

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